Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tool 3

I use several YouTube videos in my class as well as Brainpop.  I had never heard of TeacherTube or StudentTube before but am interested in researching it more to use.  I do like the idea of the ViewPure site.  There are times where the video I'm showing is appropriate, but as soon as it is over advertisments for other videos pop up that are not so appropriate.

The links on the 11 tools page on how to embed a video are not working, and the video on how to make a hot link only show how to do that on a flipchart which I have actually done before!!!  So I am not able to post a video here.  The only issue I foresee with these, is that they do not actually save the video.  So if the video is removed from the website for some reason, then my link will no longer work.

Copyright & Fair Use:  I didn't know that teachers could 'disobey' copyright laws as long as it is not shared to the public.  This was a surprise to me.  I enjoyed the video for FairUse, I think it would be something kids would pay attention to and remember.

DropBox: I haven't used DropBox before but it seems to be similar to Google Doc.  Which I like having access to all my documents.  I am wondering how i could use this with students.  Would they all have to create a dropbox account?  Or would they just have access to my dropbox on the ipads and netbooks?  Then that means they would be able to see all my files so I wouldn't be able to save test on there?  I would want to get with someone who already uses dropbox with their class and see how things work for them.  But I think i would like this better than Google Docs.

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