Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool 2

I think that participating in an online community can be very helpful for the classroom teacher, but it can be very time consuming.  Especially to a person who is just starting out.  I haven't done any of this before and it was hard to go and find blogs to comment on.  I did visit some blogs of colleagues and found some that I would be interested in following.  I also visited some of students at our school and found some pretty cool things they were doing.  I think that if I was doing this on my own asides from my whole campus doing 11 tools I would be overwhelmed with trying to find blogs.  I did comment on one blog about having a blog for each department.  It could list good blogs to follow by teaching topics separated by curriculum

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  1. In order to find some sites that you really connect with or that are pertinent to your classroom, you probably do need to spend some time searching. Once you find a couple, then as those link to others, you grow and expand! A domino effect of sorts!