Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tool 5

When I first saw MakeBeliefsComiz I immediately thought about the comic strip our kids have to create to show primary and secondary succession.  I think they would enjoy it much more doing it on the web and printing it out all official looking.  I am especially thinking of my students that are drawing handicapped like I am.  The think I do not like is the limited scenes and characters they have.  I feel like it would hinder the creativity that my students usually show given just a blank page and color pencils.  Also I don't like that you can't save to return to it later.

Here is the movie I made at GoAnimate:

It was kind of fun, but like the comic I'm afraid the preset limits would hinder the creativity of my students.
I know that many of my students enjoy using Prezi.  Several of them used it earlier this semester to make presentations; it was the first time I had seen or heard about it.  I think that once I have more practice with creating them it would be something I could use in my class as both instructional and assignments for kids.  It would just take me a while to create them, but I think once I get used to the program it wouldn't be difficult to use.

I think I'm also going to check out Mixbook.  I don't think I would use it for instruction, but document the activities we do in class as a 'scrapbook' to watch the last day of school.  Or show students in future years what past students have done.  I will probably even create a personal account to share with my family members who live out of state!

Tool 4

Ok, I'm starting to think the 11 tools is working against me!  The video that shows the demonstration for Google Forms won't play, gives me an error display message.  However, I am intrigued by it and will come back later and try to see if it works then.  From my understanding I'm thinking I could give my unit pretest through this!

I became familiar with cloud computing and Google Docs last year teaching tech.  I love using it!!!  We actually have several school wide Doc that show when certain rooms are available (so we don't have to keep bothering the admin) and which shows which students have work past due to other teachers.  I have even created several documents and shared them with my co-advisor for Student Council.  We can work on documents together, on our own time!!

It is useful for students when they are working on group assignments.  They can share with each other, that way if one student is absent, you don't have to worry about them having all your notes/work.  It is also easy for them to just share their work or presentation with me rather than worrying about if it will play on my computer or if it saved properly.

Tool 3

I use several YouTube videos in my class as well as Brainpop.  I had never heard of TeacherTube or StudentTube before but am interested in researching it more to use.  I do like the idea of the ViewPure site.  There are times where the video I'm showing is appropriate, but as soon as it is over advertisments for other videos pop up that are not so appropriate.

The links on the 11 tools page on how to embed a video are not working, and the video on how to make a hot link only show how to do that on a flipchart which I have actually done before!!!  So I am not able to post a video here.  The only issue I foresee with these, is that they do not actually save the video.  So if the video is removed from the website for some reason, then my link will no longer work.

Copyright & Fair Use:  I didn't know that teachers could 'disobey' copyright laws as long as it is not shared to the public.  This was a surprise to me.  I enjoyed the video for FairUse, I think it would be something kids would pay attention to and remember.

DropBox: I haven't used DropBox before but it seems to be similar to Google Doc.  Which I like having access to all my documents.  I am wondering how i could use this with students.  Would they all have to create a dropbox account?  Or would they just have access to my dropbox on the ipads and netbooks?  Then that means they would be able to see all my files so I wouldn't be able to save test on there?  I would want to get with someone who already uses dropbox with their class and see how things work for them.  But I think i would like this better than Google Docs.