Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tool 9

1) The technology is a tool or source that we use to help teach the content  If the technology doesn't have an objective, then the students would just be playing with them.  Having an objective helps remind the students of what their focus should be on.

2) Students need to be held accountable for the stations they visit to ensure that learning is taking place.  Stations are a way for students to explore the content on their own in many different ways.  If we as teachers aren't monitoring them, or their progress, then essentially these stations just become free time.

3) MangaHigh is a site we have begun using this year in our Math class.  The students love that they are competing with other schools!  PhET is another site I looked at.  I think this is one that I would be able to use for my Science class, but I would want to 'play' around on it more.

4) I found an app earlier this year that explains the phases of Mitosis and Meiosis.  The app goes through the phases one at a time and explains what happens in each.  You can either read or have it read out loud to you. It also has picture gallery of microscopic slides and video - although these videos are blocked at school through the firewall.

5) I can see the students using these devices to create tutorials for other students in the class (or for future years)  I also plan on this first year just having the kids explore all the different sites and app and rating which ones they think connect to our class lessons the best.

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