Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FINALLY - Tool 11!!!!!

I think Dropbox will be the one that I've learned about that will get the most use from me.  As for my classroom, I really like learning more about Google programs, not just Google Docs, and think I can incorporate that easily into some of my lessons.  Also I want to try to use Today's meet to help move along classroom discussions, as well as have everyone participate.

I don't think that my thinking has really changed.  I'm just going to have to focus more on getting it out there.  I will have to change lessons to utilize the technology we will be receiving, and giving some of the control over to the kids over projects...because honestly they already and probably always will, be more techno-forward than I will be!  But I'm working on getting there!

I really didn't have any unexpected outcomes, but a lot of surprises!  I did not realize all the things that were out there.  It was a bit overwhelming.  I didn't look into all the links/sites they had listed, and the ones I did view I didn't spend as much time exploring them as I would have liked.  But I can always go back to them to learn more about them.


  1. Yes, the 11 Tools blog will always be available to return to when you have more time. I also hope that you develop a strong PLN and continue to spend some time there each week or so. You will be amazed how much your thinking can change/grow by reading some of the great conversations/ideas that are flowing out on the web!

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